Thursday, March 03, 2011

Our World

Being a teenager is vastly overrated. Unless you’re us, you wouldn’t understand. When times get rough you’ll find out who your real friends are. We all make mistakes, we are stubborn and we couldn’t give two shits what our parents think, we hate school, we hate people, we hate everything at one moment in time, we have freak attacks, we cause drama, we get caught in drama, we fight, we love, we cry, we give up on believing in a higher power. We’re all fucked up and that's the truth, we all come from dysfunctional backgrounds, we say things that we don’t mean, we yell, we scream, we get broken hearts, we get drunk, we get high, we win, we lose, we wish for everything to get better but it never does. Grades don’t mean a thing anymore, we live on quotes and music that describe our lives. We are tired of waking up each morning and having to go to school where we see the people we hate, we get tired of hoping and dreaming for things to get better, we get tired of waiting around for you, we get tired of faking all the time, we get tired of waiting for the text message that’s not going to come and we get tired of pretending we’re fine. Lies, hurt, regret, sorrow, love, music, screaming, drinking, smoking, partying, lust, sin, heartbreak, backstabbing, finding out who you’re supposed to be, fallouts, creating yourself, life on the high road, crushed friendships, sex and drugs, not knowing what hit you, not giving a care, self-esteem issues, self-less decisions, harm, death, late nights, no sleep, no fairy tale endings, and real life problems. These are the things we face everyday. You’d hate it too, trust us. So welcome to the life of a teenager.