Wednesday, December 29, 2010

For the First Time

Hello bloggie! How's your holiday? Amazing? Fantastic? Perfect? Ok, how lucky you are. I just hang out with my friends, or just stay at home.

Ok, I wanna tell you about something today. This morning I woke up early at 7.30 coz I wanted to play Basketball with Yudha and Ken. Prepared, breakfast, etc and went to Ken's house to picked her up. And then we arrived on the basketball court. Yudha and Ken started to play, but I didn't. Haha I prefer to run than play basketball. So, I ran until five laps.

This morning was overcast. Almost rain I thought. So, suddenly it rained heavily. I didn't know why I was so happy. I felt free. I felt that it's fun. I felt that I don't have problems. I can laughed out loud under the rain. For the first time I like raining. I like getting wet coz of rain. I like being cold coz of rain. I like everything coz of rain. For the first time.....

Thank you Ken and Yudha coz you've shown me that the rain is beautiful :)