Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Memories

Hey Bloggie! Good afternoon yeah :D
2010 is almost end! And 2 days again is 2011! So many things have happened in this year. I've felt sad, happy, jealous, fall in love, heart broken, angry, disappointed, frustrated, tired, regret, surprise, fear, joy, etc.

My life is like a roller coaster, I don't have any control. Moving so fast, don't have any breaks, and could fall anytime and everywhere. Sometimes, my life is like a bird. Free, can fly through the ocean, can fly through the clouds, but suddenly there's someone who dropped me to the ground. I can't explain what I felt. But, trust me it was very crazy. Oh, how pathetic I am.

Hem, ok thank you dek Miran coz you've given me an inspiration for posting something like you hehe :D

Ok, lets start it.....

  • Still has feelings with Zeus
  • Had fun with Frea!
  • Had fun with my life
  • I can't remember what I've done clearly
  • Mid test! Oh fck it
  • Loved Owl City for the first time
  • Lots of school holiday (Y)
  • Started playing looklet
  • Played with Frea in Halimah's house
  • I can't remember anything else
  • Watched an event in 14 SHS
  • I miss him so damn much!
  • He cared with me
  • Happy birthday my Dad :)
  • Did something crazy
  • I was a mess
  • So many homeworks
  • Began courses at ILP
  • Had lots fun with my girls
  • Watched an event in UI
  • Final exam!!
  • Went to Ragunan with my friends
  • I was heartbroken
  • I cried for him
  • I regret it all
  • I said goodbye
  • Holiday!!
  • World cup :D
  • Fell from my motorcycle
  • So many surprised for me
  • Happy birthday myself!
  • Thank you Abelrush, my lovely parents, and my teacher for the surprised
  • Celebrated my birthday with Dwiyan, Yudha, Ken, and Muan
  • Got my report book! Thank you Mr. David :)
  • Had a problems with my best friends
  • Happy fasting
  • I said birthday to Zeus
  • Happy Ied
  • Had lots of money
  • Holiday!!
  • Had a punishment from my teacher
  • Had more fun with Ken, Yudha, and Dwiyan
  • We forgot our problem
  • Went to some places with Abelrush
  • Got my report book! Thank you Mrs. Nita :)
  • This's the hardest month I thought
  • Bear came to my life and gave me a rainbow
  • Had fun in ILP
  • Did something crazy with Abelrush
  • Happy birthday my mom :)
  • I love him so much!
  • Had fun with Ken, Yudha, and Dwiyan
  • Bear changed
  • Did something wrong
  • Happy birthday my brother :)
  • Final exam!!
  • Dwiyan left Jakarta
  • I fell in love with......
  • Got my report book! Thank you Mr. Anggoro :)
  • Holiday!!
  • Had more fun with my holiday
  • Did something crazy
  • Merry christmas :D

I think that's enough!
Bye :*