Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Quick Update!

Hello guys! I just finished a little story about my holiday (uhm, ok I didn't finish it totally so I save it into the draft and tomorrow I'll finish it hehe)

So, now I wanna tell you about another things, hem enjoy!

First: I need more holidays!!!
Second: I miss the old you guys.
Third: I hate being sick like this.
Fourth: I am very happy because I've a new friend.
Fifth: Two days again, I'll get my raport u,u wish me luck!
Sixth: Thank you Yudha coz you've posting about your life and my name was there as your best friend!! :D

Ok, I think that's enough. Too tired today, wanna sleep as soon as possible.
Papay! XOXO

p.s~ love you :*