Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So Tired!

Tired, tired, tired, tired! Yeah, I'm really really tired now. You know why? Coz I've gone around Jakarta! Hahaha I called it "nge-bolang".

First, I went to Taman Puring. I went there with my friends, but just 3. They are Chymond, Nurul, and Fadhli. Fadhli is our leader coz he knows the way to get there. When I came to Tampur, I saw a lot of Shoes! Yeah just shoes! Uhmm not really of course. But most of them are shoes. We start searched the shoes, so we surrounded that place three, four, or maybe ten times. I don't remember it.

Try to bargained and blablabla. I don't need a pair of shoes now, but I need a bag! Nurul agreed with me too hahaha. So, we left that place and went to Blok M. When we arrived in blok M, we immediately found a store bag and start choosy. And we found it! We bought it! Hahaha happy :D We bought the same bag. Same models, but the colours are different. Grey for Chymond, brown for Nurul, and black for me :3 Hahaha.

After that, we had lunch in KFC and came home soon! Oh ya, when we were on our way, it's raining, and I hate it! For sure! Wet and cold grrrr -____-"

Hoooh so tired today! But it so fun :D

Okay, good night people ;)